The crew over at Inside Line got its hands on some rather curious spy photos of the new 2011 Nissan 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition. Why curious? Most of the time, spy photographers work from behind massive lenses at long distances because the secretive engineers don't want themselves or the car they're testing to be photographed. But these shots look almost... composed. Or at least like the person manning the camera is on a first name basis with the folks at Nissan.
Regardless, these are clearly photographs of the soon to be released 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition. As we've known for some time, there's not too much to the 40th Anniversary Z above and beyond a couple of badges. The slate gray body color and matching wheel color are unique to the limited edition coupe, as are the red brake calipers, but the wheels themselves are the optional 19-inchers from the standard 370Z.

Inside, IL claim's you'll find the "standard Z Touring seats" covered in red leather. But how can they tell what specific type of seats are in a car by looking at photos? Mechanically, we all have to wait until the Chicago Auto Show before we get the details, but Inside Line confirms a rumor we heard that the 40th Anniversary car might be more NISMO than standard Z. If Nissan decides to imbue the 40th Anniversary model with 350 horsepower (or more), along with the more sporting suspension in a less boy racer-ish body, they'll have quite a compelling performance package on their hands.

According to Inside Line the only exterior badging that distinguishes the 40th Anniversary car from lesser Zs is a small plaque on the car's rear bumper, just below 370Z. What's odd is that this little badge isn't visible in any of the photographs Inside Line posted. Look for yourself. And as far as we've seen, Nissan hasn't released any official photos of the 40th Anniversary car's rump. So how do they know? Could it be that Inside Line has additional "spy photos" of the 40th Anniversary Z's rear and isn't posting them? We kind of doubt that. And what's with the guys standing in front of a dark 1971 Datsun 240Z, seen next to the white Volkswagen GTI? And why would Nissan engineers be driving a VW? We're thinking Inside Line might know a bit more about the 40th Anniversary 370Z than they're telling.

[Source: Inside Line]

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