1975 Bonneville Boss Custom Hauler and Proud American LSR Car - Click above for high-res image gallery

You might recognize this unique vehicle from when we spotted it at Cars and Coffee a few months back. It's the Bonneville Boss transporter and Proud American land speed rocket car, and it's undoubtedly the most unique vehicle up for sale at Barrett-Jackson this weekend. We don't know what's cooler - the one-off, 32 foot, 5-axle hauler or the death wish of a rocket that sits on top.

The transporter and rocket car were part of SPEED TV's fantasy bidder contest, and even after trying to come up with a number, we had absolutely no idea what it would go for. We could see it easily getting into the six figure range, but as it turns out only a bid of $42,000 was needed to win, making the final price of the car $46,200. Follow the jump for a full description from Barrett-Jackson.

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The "Bonneville Boss" is a unique, Toronado-powered, lowboy transporter. Its extreme cab forward design, dual steering front axles, center operator's seat and hydraulically-operated ramp carries Tony Fox's prototype "Proud American" hydrogen peroxide rocket-powered Land Speed Record car. The Boss was designed to transport the "Proud American" across difficult terrain to reach the most remote, pristine dry lakes for its record attempts and was used only during the attempt by Fox and his driver, Ky Michaelson, to find sponsorship for the LSR attempt in the 70's. Now 88 years old, Tony Fox was a prolific inventor and entrepreneur most successful for designing and building commercial trash compactors. Fox Industries promoted the compactors by campaigning the "Pollution Packer" hydrogen peroxide rocket dragsters during the early 70's. The Pollution Packers set 21 FIA and national records and its FIA Class C one kilometer standing start record of 234.778 mph set September 30, 1972 at Bonneville still stands on the FIA record books. 32' long but only 5'5" high at the top of the cab, the Bonneville Boss is even more compact and ingenious than transporters of similar one-piece design such as the Mercedes-Benz GP transporter. It was recently acquired from its owner of more than twenty years and is unrestored. Among those involved in its construction was Dean Moon who also created a set of custom Moon Discs for its custom Cragar wheels with Goodyear Polyglas L60-15 tires. The Bonneville Boss won an SAE design award for its combination of innovative design, advanced concept and rugged construction. Powered by an Oldsmobile Toronado engine and drivetrain, the dual front axles are steered hydraulically. Suspension is by torsion bars with air shocks. The interior with its unique center driving position flanked by passenger seats is fully appointed including an opening sunroof, high wattage 8-track stereo/public address system and blue denim themed upholstery. All operating systems are fully functional and have been recently gone through with components refreshed, rebuilt or replaced as needed and it runs and drives as it should. It is freshly detailed without compromising its originality.

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