Lotus gets animated with its Omnivore engine technology

Omnivore [(om-nuh-vawr)]: An animal whose normal diet includes both plants and animals. Human beings and bears, for instance, are omnivores.

So says Dictionary.com, at least. Ask the engineering boffins from Lotus, though, and they'll tell you than an Omnivore is an engine that can operate on just about any combination of gasoline or alcohol at equally optimum efficiency and power. An impressive feat, to say the least. But how does it all work?

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So far, we've used nearly a hundred of 'em and we haven't even touched the surface on how Lotus' Omnivore engine works. That said, we highly suggest you take a gander at the firm's very own Flash animation of the process, which allows you to make all sorts of cool adjustments to see how it impacts the operation of the powerplant. Cool stuff. Thanks for the tip, Chris!

[Source: Group Lotus]

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