Much unloved by the automotive press and lately by consumers who haven't been buying them, the folding-hardtop Lexus SC430 is possibly ending its production run this July. To celebrate and honor the occasion, Lexus is releasing a special edition. Called "The Eternal Jewel," this special edition SC430 should be at Japanese domestic market Lexus dealers by March.

Only 200 are being made and all we know is what we see in the above photograph, i.e. nice looking leather. We doubt any will make it to our shores. If SC430 production does end, that leaves the door open for Lexus to continue in the direction laid down by the IS-F and LF-A and bring out a sporty SC replacement, hopefully along the lines of the original SC300 and SC400, visually at least. We'll keep you posted as we learn more. Tip of the sun-blocking baseball cap to Leopaul!

[Source: Lexus]

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