For A Good Cause: 300 celebs sign Chrysler 300C for Haiti disaster relief [w/video]

Autographed Chrysler 300C for Haiti – Click above for high-res image gallery

The countless victims trapped under the rubble in Haiti need a lot of things: rescue, medical attention, food and water. A luxury sedan, you might think, wouldn't count among them, but Chrysler says otherwise. The brand's new CEO, Olivier Francois, brought a 300C to the red carpet at the Golden Globe awards this past Sunday and invited some 300 celebrities to sign it.

Specially branded and trimmed to "eco" specifications with cork, bamboo and recycled materials on the interior, the car was donated personally by Francois and is earmarked for a charity auction to benefit the American Red Cross in its relief efforts on the disaster-struck Caribbean island. General Motors is performing a similar act by auctioning off a rare 2008 Corvette Z06 Special Edition at the Barret-Jackson event in Scottsdale, AZ.

Details of the auction will follow, so stay tuned. In the meantime, there's video footage – showing such A-listers as Samuel L. Jackson, Sandra Bullock, Morgan Freeman, Sigourney Weaver and Neil Patrick Harris signing the car – after the jump, along with the press release, and images in the gallery below.

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Relief Efforts to Haiti
The Chrysler Brand Joins Forces with "The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards" to Contribute Relief Efforts to Haiti

  • Chrysler brand President and CEO donates personal Chrysler 300C to raise money for Haiti
  • CEO's Chrysler 300C to be signed by Golden Globe attendees and auctioned for relief efforts for Haiti, expected to raise approximately 1 million dollars
  • Chrysler and Stars for a Cause partner to donate six eco-friendly accessorized vehicles to celebrity charities for auction
  • Nominee, Meryl Streep, presenters, Christina Aguilera, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Felicity Huffman and actor Colin Firth to arrive in their select Chrysler 300 eco style limited edition vehicle, which will be donated and auctioned to charity of their choice
  • Chrysler is the exclusive automotive sponsor for the second-half of "The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards"

Beverly Hills, Calif., Jan 17, 2010 – Nominees, presenters and performers arriving to "The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards" will have an opportunity to help raise money for Haitian relief efforts with a simple signature. Positioned at the entrance of the Beverly Hilton Hotel is President and Chief Executive Officer for the Chrysler Brand, Chrysler Group LLC, Olivier Francois' personal car, a Chrysler 300C. Francois donated his vehicle so that attendees to the ceremony could place their signature upon the sedan which could then be donated for auction to specifically raise money for Haiti relief efforts.

"Looking at the devastation this catastrophe has caused to an already impoverished country,there is no doubt that we have a social responsibility to assist in any way that we can. This will not be the only funding we will provide to this country on behalf of the Chrysler Brand and Chrysler Group LLC, there is more to come."said Olivier Francois, President and Chief Executive Office – Chrysler Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. "We are pleased to join hands with Hollywood to offer this gesture as part of the relief efforts toward Haiti. And, to my colleague, Dodge Brand President and Chief Executive Officer, who is of Haitian-descent, and to all Haitian-Americans with family in Haiti, our thoughts are with you."

The Chrysler 300C that will be donated for auction is expected to raise approximately 1 million dollars.

Chrysler Joins Stars for a Cause to Auction Chrysler 300 "eco style" Edition Vehicles
The Chrysler brand, together with Dick Clark Productions, has also partnered with Stars for a Cause to donate six eco-friendly accessorized vehicles that will be auctioned off to select celebrity charities.

Nominee Meryl Streep, presenters Christina Aguilera, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Felicity Huffman and actor Colin Firth will arrive to the Golden Globes in their select Chrysler 300 eco style limited edition vehicle, which will be donated and auctioned to the charity of their choice.

Based off of the Chrysler 300C, the most-awarded vehicle in the industry, the eco style edition vehicles are accessorized with eco-friendly materials such as cork, bamboo, recycled jute carpeting and suede seat inserts and feature refurbished wheels while providing high-end luxury and elegant design. The vehicles feature a refined interior, premium technology and offer fuel-efficient performance and excitement.

Each of the celebrities will arrive to the awards in their select vehicles:
  • Presenter Christina Aguilera's Chrysler 300 eco style vehicle features a water-based Vanilla exterior color. On the inside are cactus-colored seat-inserts with bamboo applique placed on the door trim and center console
  • Presenter Leonardo DiCaprio's vehicle has Cream exterior and Aqua-blue seat inserts, a hydrographic water-themed applique is subtly placed throughout the interior
  • Actor Colin Firth's vehicle features a stately and sleek Black exterior color with Black Bamboo interior accents
  • Presenter Tom Hanks will arrive to the awards in an elegant Black Chrysler 300 eco style edition vehicle with Curry seat-inserts and organic appliques
  • Presenter Felicity Huffman will arrive in a Dark Cordovan vehicle with a stained Cordovan cork interior color
  • Nominee Meryl Streep's vehicle features a Platinum exterior and on the interior are Cumin-colored seat-inserts along with natural mat and cork materials

Recycled materials are used within the interior of the vehicle. Recycled ultra-suede seat inserts are used for the front and rear-passenger seats and are soft to the touch and durable. Hydrographics patterns are used to place organic themes on the center console and door trim of the interior compartment. Water-based paints are used on the exterior of the vehicle.

Under the hood is the 5.7-liter HEMI® engine with Muliti-displacement System (MDS). MDS seamlessly alternates between smooth high-fuel-economy four-cylinder mode when less power is needed and V-8 mode when more power is needed. MDS optimizes fuel economy without sacrificing vehicle performance.

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards
The Chrysler brand, in partnership with NBC, Dick Clark Productions and the Hollywood Foreign Press and as the exclusive automotive sponsor for the second-half of the televised broadcast, will dedicate six commercial spots celebrating the craftsmanship, artistry and vision of the nominees for "The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards" in six different film categories.

The six spots, produced in conjunction with NBC, will be vignettes that take the audience behind the creative process and offer congratulations to the nominees in each of these categories:
  • Best Director/Motion Picture
  • Best Actor/Motion Picture Musical or Comedy
  • Best Motion Picture/Musical or Comedy
  • Best Actress/Motion Picture Drama
  • Best Actor/Motion Picture Drama
  • Best Motion Picture Drama
The vignettes for each category will air during a commercial break prior to the announcement of that category's winner.

"The Golden Globe Awards honor the vision and style of the year's best in entertainment, and the Chrysler brand embodies vision and style in the automotive industry," said Francois."The Chrysler brand is a perfect fit to pay tribute and demonstrate a shared set of values."

About the Chrysler Brand
The Chrysler brand has delighted customers with distinctive designs, craftsmanship, intuitive innovation and technology – all at an extraordinary value – since the company was founded in 1926.

Whether it is the groundbreaking, bold design of the Chrysler 300, the sleek elegant styling of a Sebring Convertible, or the "family room on wheels" functionality of the Chrysler Town Country, Chrysler brand vehicles reward the passion, creativity and sense of accomplishment of its owners. Beyond just exceptionally designed vehicles, the Chrysler brand has incorporated thoughtful features into all of its products, such as the Stow 'n Go® seating and storage system on the Chrysler Town Country, the fuel-saving Multi-displacement System (MDS) in the Chrysler 300 and Uconnect Phone utilizing Bluetooth technology on the Chrysler Sebring and Chrysler Sebring Convertible.

Chrysler celebrated the 25th anniversary of the minivan during the 2009 model year. With more than 65 segment-firsts introduced since 1983 and more than 12 million Dodge and Chrysler minivans sold, Chrysler Group LLC has solidified its leadership in the segment. The 2010 Chrysler Town Country continues to set the mark in minivan value with more than 40 new or improved features from the previous generation, including unsurpassed 17 city / 25 highway mpg fuel economy. The 2010 Chrysler Town Country is also the first minivan in the segment to feature Blind-spot Monitoring (BSM) and Rear Cross Path (RCP) accident avoidance safety systems.

The Chrysler brand's succession of innovative product introductions continues to solidify the brand's standing as the leader in design, engineering and value. The premium for the Chrysler brand is in the product, not the price.

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