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When will the stateside ignominy end when it comes to the Lexus LFA? Japanese buyers have already spoken for that country's entire allotment. Even though Continental European buyers must travel to England to procure the car, the details are all in place. Notice that in the previous two sentences we used the word "buyers." Cutthroat American capitalists will only be able to lease the creased-like-origami coupe that costs $375,000 straight up, and they'll need to be hand-picked by Lexus for the honor.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "People selected to purchase the car will be based on factors such as the other cars they own, where they live, and how often and where they drive." This is Lexus' halo car, and they want that halo to shine so bright you're blinded by the light. Said the manager of Lexus college, "We want it to be seen on the right roads, in front of the right restaurants and not just being enjoyed by one individual in their private garage."

When Ferrari launched the Enzo, it chose who could buy the car. But that was Ferrari, and these were buyers, and they knew that if they wanted a crack at the Enzo's successor they'd better not throw their Enzo on eBay Motors that night. On the one hand we feel the aforementioned ignominy at the way Americans are being treated in the LF-A procurement process, but that's outdone by our interest in and respect for the experiment: Lexus says this car is a special instrument created for driving and are looking for those who will treat it as such. We can't wait to see how it turns out.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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