SDR Sports Cars debuts V-Storm. Just think of it as an Ariel Atom for triplets [w/video]

SDR WR3 V-Storm – Click above to watch video after the break

Britain's kit car industry isn't just alive and well, it is hale and hearty if last year's Exeter Kit Car show is anything to go by. The newest home-built contraption is the SDR Sports Cars WR3 V-Storm. Like a number of other British cars most famously represented by the Ariel Atom, the V-Storm is basically scaffolding with seats and an engine.

The previous model was powered by the V-twin from an Aprilia RSV1000. The latest model gets its scoot from a Subaru Impreza engine with more than 300 horsepower, good for a run from 0-to-60 of about three seconds. The "3" in the WR3 moniker refers to the seating: a McLaren F1 style center position for the driver and two wingmen behind. Kits start at £3,995 ($6,534 U.S.), or £19,995 ($32,700 U.S.), plus VAT and fripperies, for a turn-key car.

Follow the jump to watch it in action, or check out the gallery of photos below for some less racy views.

[Source: SDR Sports Cars]

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