Toyota launching G Sports Series cars at Tokyo Auto Salon [w/video]

Toyota FT-86 and Prius G Sports Series - Click above for image gallery

Seems like Toyota is doing everything in its power to shake the fuddy-duddy, emotionless appliance image its built for itself over the last fifteen years or so. First came word that ToMoCo's Mr. Toyoda stated the brand needed to get sportier. Next came the very welcome news that along with Subaru, Toyota would be introducing a lightweight, RWD sport coupe ( now known to be the FT-86) that would cost about $20,000. Finally, there's the LFA, the $500,000 Lexus, that, if the reviews are to be believed, just might be worth every penny.

That's all well and good, but what if you want a sporty Prius?

Meet the G Sports Series. To quote Toyota, the G Sports Series, " is designed for customers who strongly desire to own a unique vehicle, offering them a personalized interior and exterior design along with sports-driving performance." Put another way, Toyota is bringing the aftermarket in-house.

With a total of five vehicles getting the G Sports Series treatment, Toyota is looking to offer customized sportiness to whomever wants it. Only two of the five cars however are U.S. market vehicles: the Prius and the FT-86. The Prius gets one hell of a body kit, including sleek rear-wheel skirts. While far from beautiful, we have to say that we like the G Series Prius much better than the regular one.

But, the real news is the G Sports Series FT-86. Because it's the FT-86 is still officially a "concept" Toyota isn't revealing any hard data beyond RWD, 2.0-liters and six-speed manual. Good enough for us. As far as the G Sports Series version goes, it's a little busy and the rear wing is beyond unnecessary. Still, we're quite excited.

Especially as the front of the FT-86 might just be revealing an intercooler. Which would mean a turbocharger. Or is that just a fancy radiator? Well, you know the Subaru version is going to have an intercooler... Just to add to the speculation, check out the drift-o-rific video after the jump.

[Source: Toyota]

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