The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) is taking steps to eliminate the possibility of drivers who have had their licenses successfully applying for another one. The state's Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) will be using facial recognition software to build a database of license holders.

According to Australia's Drive, the software won't minutely scan your face like something out of The Matrix – it will only will take measurements of the distances between one's eyes, nose and mouth. When someone applies for a license, his or her measurements will be compared to the others in the database, and if there's a "high probability match" there will be an alert.

The technology will also be used for people applying for photo cards. However, the price of a license or photo card will not be raised even though the citizenry will be being watched much more closely. The plan is that the new procedures will help reduce the $3.5 billion Australian ($3.25B U.S.) the country has to spend every year combating identity fraud.

[Source: | Image: Ian Walde/Getty]

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