Detroit 2010: Mini Beachcomber Concept leaves the doors behind

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The roof, too. That's right folks, Mini rolled out a concept of a concept. The Beachcomber (see above) is based on the Mini Crossover. However, the Crossover is no longer just a concept, as it will be making its way to production soon. And it's not alone, as Mini has also green lit the Coupe and Roadster. All three will be produced at Mini's Oxford, UK plant.

Speaking of Mini, their sales were down six percent last year. Or should we say only six percent, as 2009 basically sucked as far as car sales go. In the U.S., however, Mini sales were down 16 percent, but the segment (small premium cars) was off a disheartening 40 percent. Nevertheless, the U.S. remains Mini's largest market with currently 90 dealers and the brand is looking to increase that number with an additional 17 dealers over the next 18 months.

As far as this here Beachcomber Concept goes, let's just say there's an emphasis on concept. While it does in some ways evoke the original Mini Moke – especially the slotted grille – the Beachcomber has as much a chance at seeing production as a Lamborghini subcompact. Maybe less. That said, the Beachcomber does feature all-wheel drive. And if there's anything we like more than suicide doors, it's no doors at all. No top either for that matter. What if you should get caught in a freak Malibu hailstorm? Mini says a soft roof and lightweight doors are included. So there you go.

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