LG Chem is rapidly shaping up to be one of the world leaders in supplying lithium ion batteries for transportation applications. We already knew that LG Chem would be supplying General Motors with cells for the Chevrolet Volt and packs for the General's upcoming two-mode plug-in hybrid. LG is also supplying packs to Hyundai for its Korean-market Elantra hybrid and the upcoming Sonata hybrid.
LG's latest deal is with Eaton Corp, which has developed a hybrid system for use on medium and heavy duty vehicles, things likes delivery vans and school buses. Eaton currently supplies 90 percent of current commercial applications in the U.S. and several new applications have recently been announced including the Freightliner EcoFred motorhome chassis.

LG's four-year deal with Eaton will apparently result in an expansion of the pack assembly line at LG Chem's Troy, MI subsidiary, Compact Power Inc. (CPI). CPI is also supplying the PHEV packs to GM from that facility.

[Source: Korea Times]

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