DC Designs Imperator and Ying Yang - Click above for high-res image gallery

If you're not already familiar with DC Designs, let's refresh your memory. Founded by Dilip Chhabria, the Indian designer has been responsible for such autotrocities as the Amrierod and Cayenne Coupe, along with tuned versions of the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Tata Nano. Pleased with what he's done for other people's vehicles, Chhabria has turned his efforts towards developing two new vehicles, both of which debuted this week at the Auto Expo in New Delhi.

Without any hard details on what's underneath each concept, there's not much to say aside from analyzing the exterior designs. Despite its name, the Ying Yang struck us as a stylish amalgamation of the en vogue box aesthetic and a traditional minivan, while the Imperator is far too similar to the Lexus 2054 shown in the movie adaption of Philip K. Dick's Minority Report -- right down to the plummeting windows and red hue. Decidedly less swoopy than its silver screen inspiration, the four-seat Imperator (anyone remember the Isdera supercar by the same name?) is festooned with all the show car baubles you'd expect, including 24-inch wheels and gullwing doors, the latter of which are held up by massive hydraulic tubes that seemingly prove that opening the concept's doors was an afterthought. You can check out both concepts in the gallery below thanks to Indianautosblog.com.

[Source: IndianAutosBlog | Live Images: Shrawan Raja]

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