Kansas is revamping the way it issues vanity plates, and it means a lot of residents are going to lose their 'duplicate' personalized plates. They're not really duplicates, though: Unlike most states, Kansas allows people in different counties to have the same alphanumeric combination, so while the tags might appear to be copies, they are registered in different counties and that technically makes them different plates.

According to Kansas.com, the problem with that strategy is that law enforcement officials in hot pursuit have a hard time reading which county a car's "JAYHAWK" plate is registered to, so they have been behind the push to change the policy. The Kansas DMV is in the process of figuring out who registered each of these 'duplicate' plates first, and then it plans to send letters to anyone else with that same alphanumeric combo to let them know they can't renew it.

Just as novel as finding out Kansas allowed multiple copies of a tag in the same state was the list of the top ten vanity plates chosen. It's arguably embarrassing that the number one plate is "HUSKERS," which amounts to cheerleading for a team in another state, like "SOONERS" in the seven spot. The home team, "JAYHAWK" comes in second, followed by Larry the Cable Guy's slogan, "GITRDUN," which is more popular than the Kansas City "CHIEFS" in number four. Ah, Kansas, what are we going to do with you? Hat tip to Dude!

[Source: Kansas.com | Image: Robinrkc - C.C. License 2.0]

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