The makings of USF1 -- Click above to watch video

Last week, Formula One's commercial overseer Bernie Ecclestone said he didn't think USF1 was going to line up for the first race of 2010. To quote the man, "I think the people we expected to perform will and those that we thought wouldn't, won't." It sounds like he never expected USF1 to be a team worth consideration.

Peter Windsor responded by essentially saying "Silly rabbit..." and about the same time a flood of content was added to the USF1 web site detailing the team's progress. With a newly renovated HQ in Charlotte and a newly built European HQ in Aragon, Spain, not to mention making a new car, the team can be excused for being quiet. We only hope they make the right noises in Bahrain on March 1.

Follow the jump watch the USF1 vid, and check out its new site for news on plans for the latest American invasion of European motorsport. Hat tip to Carlo.

[Source: USF1]

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