Alfa Romeo can't go any lower – click above to watch the video

Years ago, we read a book by Jerry Mander called Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television. While we can't remember the four arguments, we'll never forget one point Mr. Mander made. "People in advertising are either good at controlling peoples' minds, or they enjoy it." With that said, it looks like Alfa Romeo hired a bunch of people that enjoy controlling folks' minds, but aren't very good at it.

What are we talking about? Alfa is selling its sexy little 147 for less than €15,000 (circa $21,600 USD) with a tagline, "We Couldn't Go Any Lower." To prove that mantra, they decided to go ahead and lower a billboard more than 36,000 feet down into the Marinas Trench. If you don't know, the Marianas Trench is the absolute lowest point on earth, more than seven miles below sea level (actual depth is 11,034 meters, or 36,200 feet). And Alfa Romeo just dropped a billboard into it.

We don't know about you, but we had a pretty visceral reaction to this video. From the self-satisfied, spiky-haired, twenty-something Euro-boy ad men to the fact that they actually went ahead and stuck a billboard in the Marianas Trench, the whole thing feels wrong and sits wrong with us. It would be like placing a Big Mac ad on top of Mount Everest, or advertising Quarter Pounders atop Angel Falls. Of course, there is the chance that either A) The whole campaign is a well staged hoax – although they've gone to the trouble of building a whole website to chronicle the process B) They raised the billboard up after filming the video. But still... bad taste... or is that just us? Make the jump to watch the video, decide for yourself, and then drop us your thoughts in Comments. Hat tip to Oliver!

[Source: YouTube via Expedition 147]

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