A little over a year ago a stunt driver named Chris Morena took a Dodge pickup off a dealer lot, installed a roll cage, racing seat and metal bracing for the bed, then used it to jump over a slew of cars and through two fireballs. He was only trying to go 134 feet. Instead, he went 193 feet and set a jumping distance record in a pickup.

Until a few days ago. That's when race driver Jonny Greaves took his closed-course 2WD racing truck and jumped 301 feet and happily remained alive to talk about it. Employing a bit of Back to the Future precision, calculations had worked out that his truck had to be the end of the jump ramp going 105.5 mph and, managing to hit that, he went exactly 301 feet. It isn't car launching, but it's now the mark to beat for 2WD trucks.

Just as impressive, Greaves had been doing practice runs that went as far as 200 feet before the record-setting attempt, and he nailed those as well. Perhaps Travis Pastrana, who's had slightly less luck on the run-up to his 270-foot New Year's Eve stunt, might want to give Greaves a ring.

[Source: Race Dezert]

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