REPORT: Spyker takes the lead in the Saab bidding sweepstakes

General Motors appears on track to either close or sell the ailing Saab brand by 2010. If they do, in fact, sell Saab, they are reportedly stipulating the following: the buyer must be well versed in small scale car production and they should be interested in keeping production in Saab's homeland, Sweden. If you don't know, Spyker fits that particular bill nicely.

Saab appears to be believing the deal will happen. " There are signals everywhere showing we are well on track," says Saab spokesman Eric Greers. We heard last week that Spyker was interested in purchasing Saab, and today's news only confirms it. Of course this wouldn't be a Saab story without the threat of imminent disaster looming in the shadows.

The catch is that if GM and the prospective buyer can't get the deal done by 2010, General Motors is just going to wash its hands of the perennial money loser and shut Saab down and sell off its assets. However, if the talks are going well but no deal has been reached by January, GM might consider funding Saab a little longer. Maybe. For their part, Spyker seems unaware of any looming deadline, though perhaps they should be.

[Sources: Reuters, Autocar | Image: Torsten Silz/Getty]

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