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And by "controversial," we mean "disgusting." Look, the R8 has those side blades because it's a mid-engine car, but Audi felt they still need a place for a set of golf clubs, so they lengthened the cabin so the clubs can be stowed behind the seats. Meaning that the body has a whole lot of extra length in the middle. Rather than go all BMW and start torturing the hell out of the metal, they slapped on some pieces of plastic (fine, carbon fiber) and called it a day, leading to a look that some love and others loathe.

Now, the A5/S5 is a superbly beautiful car. From every angle, the seemingly minimalist design gets better and better. Especially when you run your eyes across the length of its rising and falling center line that runs from the front fenders past the doors only to terminate in the tail lamp. Just about pitch-perfect. Truly, one of the better designs this decade. German tuner Hofele Design (apparently) had but one simple mission: how to destroy it!

The results are self-evident. All those people that are moaning and complaining that their Audi A5 3.2s don't look anything like a R8 V10 can now cease their protests. All two of them. Also, and we know this doesn't need stating but here goes: why would you go through the trouble of mutating your car to the nth degree but then leave on the "A5" and "3.2" badges?

Most people who know Audis (i.e. the very people that might have an outside chance of being impressed by this) would agree that A5 and 3.2 stands for the automaker's worst engine/transmission combination, the slow-revving 3.2-liter V6 that's already been dropped from the new A4 and the numbskull six-speed Tiptronic box that likes to be in sixth gear by 39 mph. So, besides the raw, inharmonious phony aspect of the body kit (nice fake quad pipes) why on earth bother? Especially as the badge on the back says A5 and the one in the grille says S5. That's a rhetorical question, because we all know there's no answer/point. One more thing: the R8 Spyder doesn't even have side blades. And hey, why not another: the camber on the rear wheel's all messed up.

[Source: Hofele Design]

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