2010 Tazzari Zero - Click above for high-res image gallery

It's been just over a year since the first renders of the Tazzari Zero were released and, right on schedule, the electric Italian sports-city car has made its world debut at the Bologna Motor Show. As befitting a car conceived and designed near Imola's Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, the premiere was made in spectacular fashion on a rain-soaked and twisty half-mile track located on the fairgrounds. Five professional drivers took their places in five separate Zeros, tapped the "race mode" button, and proceeded to relentlessly attack the circuit. They looked, how do you say, bellissima!

The timeliness of the launch means they are also on track to make it stateside in the the early part of 2010. With North American distribution being handled by Verdek-EV, the price is now officially set at $29,900 (they say it's eligible for $6,336 tax credit) before any applicable federal or state tax credits. Although that's a bit steep for a car which, at least for now, is limited to 25 mph in many states (it's capable of 56 mph), we are talking an aluminum chassis, lithium ion batteries good for 88 miles and an AC motor which gives quick acceleration and allows for regenerative braking. In other words, quality. Check out the gallery below for a better look and you can also find a bit of bonus video of the cars on the show floor after the break.

[Source: Verdek-EV]

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