An Italian company has set up a Flash-based web site to inform the world of their upcoming city car. Although images of the lithium ion-powered two-seater are only briefly glimpsed during the techno-accompanied presentation, using the power of Photoshop we were able to improve your ability to get a decent peek. Interestingly, the Tazzari Group claims their Zero will charge up in 45 minutes using a three-phase power source. Plug it into a regular outlet and your wait is lengthened to 10 hours.

Built on an aluminum frame, the Zero weighs only 1,195 lbs. and has a 93-mile range. It can reach 31 mph in 5 seconds and tops out at 56 mph. That makes it faster than the MyCar or G-Wiz but leaves it in the medium-speed-vehicle (MSV) range and well short of the mark set by that other Italian electric, the Pininfarina B0 (B Zero) which just debuted in Paris. No other details are available yet but we'll keep an ear to the ground and keep you up to speed.

[Source: Tazzari Group via Smart Planet]

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