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Worried that yet another change in leadership will have a negative impact on the Chevy Volt project? Surely you're not alone, but GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has friendly words of encouragement to share to mitigate those fears. First, as we covered during our recap of Lutz's speech at the LA Auto Show last week, Lutz said, "Going forward, the automobile industry simply can no longer rely on oil to supply 98 percent of the world's automotive energy requirements."

Lyle Dennis from GM-Volt.com sought out for a further comment from Lutz on the topic. In response to a question regarding interim CEO Ed Whitacre's commitment to the electric vehicle, Lutz responded, "He will not try to run the programs. He (by his own admission) knows almost nothing about the business. Nobody will diminish our focus on electrification." So, there you have it... the Volt is on track and nothing will get in its way to production.

[Source: GM-Volt.com]

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