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Power-to-weight ratio – that metric might be the most meaningful performance measurement to consider when judging exactly what piece of machinery you should or shouldn't strap yourself into/onto. If you're the type that wants to leave this world with a giant smile on your face and bugs in your teeth, allow us to introduce you to the Brimstone Quadracycle.

Ostensibly a mash-up between a four-wheeled quad, a motorcycle and a drag car, what we have here is the closest thing you can get to a V8 engine strapped to a Power Wheels. Seriously, this is like a real-life childhood fantasy wrought in metal... almost brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it? It's absolutely insane. And yes, off course we'd gladly take it for a spin.

Brimstone is reportedly willing to build you one with as much as 750 horsepower from a 455 cubic inch aluminum Dart V8. Performance figures? How 'bout zero to sixty in 2.8 seconds? Or, better yet, zero to 120 in six seconds flat. It's even fuel efficient, returning up to 30 mpg, and it can be equipped with a hitch to tow a small boat. They're taking orders now, but you'll have to claim a spot behind us. Thanks for the tip, Kyle S!

[Source: Brimstone Cycles]

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