It seems that we'll be getting a new Jetta sedan next June, and it apparently won't be a slightly restyled Golf with a trunk grafted to the rear end. According to Car and Driver, VW's so-called New Compact Sedan, which will be built at the same Mexican plant that assembles the current Jetta, will indeed retain the Jetta nameplate.

Following its June debut here in the States, Volkswagen will prep the car for its European launch later in the year, and it may or may not be called Jetta overseas. A sportier GLI variant will continue to be offered on the new model. Looking farther down the model-range totem pole, there's a decent chance that VW will bring the Polo to the U.S. market to rival the new Ford Fiesta, possibly as both a sedan and a hatchback.

Lastly, we're told that we should expect to see a new two-door notchback coupe concept on the show circuit in short order. If public reaction to it is positive, there's a good chance VW will greenlight the car for series production.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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