2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe - Click above for high-res image gallery

If you're nostalgic, the first car that may come to mind when you think about a droptop Cadillac is the old tail-finned Fifties Eldorado. A pink one especially. But since then, the American luxury marque hasn't had a whole lot of convertibles. There was the Pininfarina-styled Allante and the recently discontinued XLR, both roadsters, but if you think the General's luxury division is eager to get back into the open-air business, think again, as new reports indicate that there are no such plans on the horizon.

At least not based on the CTS, anyway. The series has spawned a sedan – including the all-conquering CTS-V – a wagon and even a coupe, but the guys over at Inside Line say they've got the inside line that no convertible version of one of Cadillac's most prolific models is in the works. Which is a bit of a shame, when you think about it. But you never know what's coming around the corner...

[Source: Inside Line]

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