Titan movie teaser – Click above to watch video

As any parent knows, when a child finds a video he likes he can watch it a kabillion jillion times with undiminished joy. That's exactly the kid we turn into any time you cut up race footage and set it to classical music and exhaust notes. This time it's the preview of the movie Titan, by French director Stephane Benini, which strings together action from the 1000 KM of the Nürburgring and features modern and vintage racers and motorcycles.

The movie has its own Facebook page if you really want to declare your love, or you can do the secret admirer thing and just enjoy the 6-minute HD clip from YouTube after the jump. The sound of the GT2 Corvette and DB9R is nothing short of knee-trembling. Follow the jump for the clip, and try not to spill your pureed peas...

[Source: Clash Productions]

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