Need a electric car with a famous name and the looks to match? May we suggest the Zagato shown above? This strange little fridge on wheels isn't exactly what Zagato is known for (sexy sports cars), but it's also quite affordable. Wired found this boxy EV on eBay, where it's currently sitting at the $3,200 bid level (reserve not met).

The car is a 1975 Zele (known in the U.S. as the Elcar) and it's led a quiet life recently. The seller had it in his garage for eight years. The good news: even after all that sitting still, the Zele fired up as soon as the batteries were connected. The Zele is not the most impressive of vehicles – a 30 mph top speed and a range of 30 miles will do that – but it apparently "rides up high, almost like an SUV." So, that's, um, cool?

[Source: Wired]

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