REPORT: Renault could sell 40% of its F1 team to Russian investors

A few weeks back, Toyota announced its departure from Formula One, and it looked like Renault could follow. The team had lost its drivers, its team leaders, its sponsors and its reputation. The French automaker's board convened in France to discuss the matter, but no announcement followed, leaving everyone scratching their heads. Well if the latest rumors hold any truth, we could have our reason.

While the decision may have seemed fairly black or white (should I stay or should I go?) there are plenty shades of gray for Renault to choose from. One option would have been to sell or shutter its team while continuing to supply engines, but now another possibility has emerged: for Renault to sell part of the team but keep the rest.

The reports stem from Turun Sanomat, one of Finland's largest daily papers, which suggests that the French automaker could sell as much as 40 percent of the team to an unnamed Russian company. The move would help Renault raise some much-needed capital to continue its involvement in the sport, but could come with strings attached, including placing GP2 runner-up Vitaly Petrov in a race seat beside Robert Kubica. Considering the hot water Renault's already in with the Russians and how poorly the country's last venture into F1 went, they could prove hesitant, but then Ghosn and company might not have any better options.

[Source: Turun Sanomat via F1-Live]

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