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Successive generations of the BMW M3 have come a long way since the original, with a skyrocketing curb weight and an ever-climbing price tag. The new M3 GTS may have done a lot to counter the former, although sadly it only further escalated the latter. But enthusiasts take heart, because someone's on the case. Fortunately, that someone is Dr. Kay Segler, head of Munich's famous M division.

According to reports, Segler and his team are pushing the beancounters to give them the authorization to make an M-tuned 1 Series. While the twin-turbo 135i is touted by many as a closer successor to the original M3 than the current M3, he feels there's more that can be done.

Unfortunately, Segler is talking about the next-generation 1 Series, so even if approved, it'd be a while before any future M-tuned 1 hits the road. If and when it does, however, it could take aim at the Audi S3 with a 330-horsepower version of the Bavarian automaker's new TwinPower engine. As for naming schemes, they may have to get a little creative to avoid confusion with the original M1 supercar.

[Source: PistonHeads]

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