Last month, when Toshiba announced it would build a second plant to produce its lithium titanate Super Charge Batteries (SCiB), no automakers had publicly declared they would use those particular packs. This is still the case. Now, though, if you were to just throw darts at a list of potential automakers who might be putting SCiBs into plug-in vehicles, there's a good chance you'll hit one who's actually going to, if Shoshi Kawatsu, the general manager of the SCiB division, is right. Kowatsu told the Financial Times that "about" five car companies will use SCiBs. If so, production could shift to Europe and the U.S. in 2011, he said.

Volkswagen and Toshiba already have an agreement to collaborate on electric drive systems and power electronics.

[Source: Financial Times via Green Car Congress]

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