Kia knows how to have fun with the Soul, and now it's your turn. The company and Antenna Magazine are partnering up to let people design their perfect car in a contest called Soul Xpression. Based on the the vehicles that have been submitted by recognized design houses and other entrants, the contest is trending hip and urban, with a bit of eco-chic thrown in. Some of the submissions include reclaimed tiles used in the exterior design, solar panels for recharging electronics, and a Soul ID card, which could be used in a car sharing situation so that when you get into a Soul, it reconfigures itself to your settings. There are eight examples up on the contest site, and Kia is looking for yours.

If your idea is particularly eco-friendly but there's no way to represent this in the pictures, Antenna also allows a short written segment. The winner will walk away with $1,000 and the deadline is December 11th. One fun line in the official rules: "only images of your own non-damaged Kia Soul vehicles may be submitted as part of an Expression." Non-damaged? What happened to require this bit of legalese?

[Source: Antenna Magazine via Treehugger]

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