Taylor Swift hosts Saturday Night Live - Click above to watch the video

Allow us to make a couple admissions. It's our opinion that with the notable exception of Celebrity Jeopardy, Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny since Belushi. Before she got upstaged by an apparently off-his-meds Kanye West, we thought Taylor Swift was a dry cleaner. That said, it's understandable that we had extremely low hopes (like, none) for a SNL sketch involving the young Miss Swift to be watchable, let alone funny.

But guess what? Us old dudes was wrong, way wrong! She's not only funny, but apparently installed a camera in our little sister's bedroom circa 1991. Talk about the perfect ensconced in misery, unhappy to be alive 15-year-old girl. And her reaction to the dangers of driving during the birds and the bees speech, well, just watch for yourself, after the jump.

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