Hot For Words host Marina - Click above to watch the video
Can you believe it's been one solid year since we first saw Ken Block's eye-popping, mind-numbing, death-defying Gymkhana video? How time flies when you're hooning it at 11/10s.To celebrate this monumental moment in the history of car-related YouTubeage, DC Shoes (Mr. Block's extreme sports clothing company) has gone ahead and put together an "investigation" into the whole Gymkhana phenomenon. And if you can get past (or get into, take your pick) Marina's highly modified assets, the video's loaded with some good stuff.

For instance, Block never intended to start a cult of Gymkhana. He'd built up a 530 hp Subaru WRX to compete in a Gymkhana event that was canceled leaving Ken with a car but no race. And get this -- over 24,000,000 people have watched the original Gymkhana video -- that's more folks than have watch all of Harmony Korine's last three movies, times two! And if you don't like this video, hop on over to, where they've not only got the Hot For Words clip, but a full seven pages of Ken Block/Gymkhana related footage. One hoon to rule them all indeed. Full video, after the jump.


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