'10 Unleashed pits four Need For Speed players against their virtual lap times

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We've often wondered if the countless hours we've spent playing racing games on the xBox and PlayStation have given us any advanced capabilities on an actual track. We're obviously not the only ones. Mustang's "Unleashed" campaigned pitted four life-long gamers head to head in a game of Need for Speed SHIFT, followed by some seat time in the 2010 Ford Mustang at the Fast Lane Driving School, and the results were... predictable.

Four participants each angled for the best time on the virtual track driving a Mustang, followed by two laps around the real life version of the circuit behind the wheel of the original pony car. The goal is to take the best lap from both the virtual and real world, combine them and come up with a winner. As you can guess, the gamers fared quite a bit better with a controller in their hands than a steering wheel, but you can see for yourself if the best racing gamer was also the reality track star by check out the video after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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