Corvette C6 w/Nitrous Oxide - Click image to watch the video

Or at least a Z06. Now, we're all for drag racing – it's one of the purest forms of sport around – much like World's Strongest Man minus all the steroids. Or is that plus nine billion times the steroids? Either way, little is more adrenaline pumping than watching a nitrous-venting 1976 Chevrolet Camaro run the quarter in 8.5 seconds. Especially when you stop and think about how totally terrible Camaros were when Jimmy Carter took office. *Shudder.*

Anyhow, the reason you can get dirty old Camaros to run so quick are the mods. In fact, a constant, never-ending stream of modifications always makes that next hundredth of a second seem just within reach. Drag racing is the sport of the tinkerer – just ask Don Garlits. You can always shed weight, but then you reach a point where structural integrity becomes an issue.

More power is typically (if not always) the answer. To get there, you got your lumpy cams, bundle o' snakes headers, intake pipes the size of telephone poles, hot lifters, blowers, turbos and, of course, nitrous oxide (N2O). We say "of course" N2O because most drag races are over before you can count to ten. Besides, motors are cheap but Friday night glory at New Jersey's Island Dragway lasts forever, right? In this case, however, the ol' nitrous bottle might be more at home hooked up to another car – might we suggest a '76 Camaro? Find out why after the jump.

[Source: YouTube via Tampa Bay Examiner]

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