After the tremendous response we saw from last week's story on a particularly bad parking job in Canada, we decided to do the public some good by rounding up some of the other worst parking mishaps caught on video.

What we've learned from hours of these fender benders is that bad drivers tend to fall into two categories: those who commit their crime and admit their wrongdoing and those who attempt to get away with it. Unfortunately, the cameras roll. There are no escapees. If you drive like this, we don't think you should be behind the wheel.

We'll be watching:

Mad Men: If you think this video starts off bad, just wait. It gets even worse.

Amphibious parkers: Is that a parking lot or a pond? I'll find out:

Don't forget your parking brake: When the owner of this Toyota truck parked and walked to the structure's elevator, he thought all was okay. But, clearly it wasn't:

Just keep going: When someone bumps into the car in front of them, you'd think that would be enough and would warrant further inspection. Not for this driver:

Versus war: When parking is scarce, you can bet that the race to find a spot will be as heated as the final lap at Daytona. But you'd never expect to find the kind of battle that ensued here:

And, of course, no list would be complete without our favorite.

BMW Monster Truck: When Tripta Kaushal pulled her BMW X5 SUV into a parking spot at a health club in Canada, she likely wasn't trying to test the car-climbing abilities of her SUV. Driving off without reporting her crime gets her more than a few demerits in our book:

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