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Ford has been working hard to integrate its product lineup on a global scale, but it appears that some models available overseas may never make it to U.S. shores. Ford CEO Alan Mulally has apparently told Automotive News that the Thai-built global Ranger and the A-Segment Ka likely won't be going on sale here in the States. Mulally had previously stated that both vehicles were under consideration for U.S. sale, but now the prognosis appears to be far more dire.

The global Ford Ranger is a far more modern entry-level pickup than its U.S. counterpart which is scheduled to cease production in 2011. While the future of the Ranger is looking pretty bleak here in the States, it appears there is some hope that the shelved F-100 project could once again be in Dearborn's plans. is reporting that its sources indicate that the F-100, which is a lighter, shorter version of the popular F-150, is still being considered. The F-100 is said to be bigger in all dimensions than the global Ranger.

While there is still hope for a smaller truck in the Blue Oval's arsenal of products, there doesn't appear to be any pulse at all for an A-Segment hatch. Mulally reportedly told AN that the Ka is just too small to be successful in America, adding "Fiesta is about the smallest vehicle that we think will be a real success in the United States." The tiny Ka, which shares hardware with the soon-to-be-sold in the U.S. Fiat 500, is a full 25 inches shorter than the Fiesta.

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