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Now that Chrysler has separated Ram from the Dodge brand, it's time to let the American public know. But instead of easing the public into the idea of giving the trucks their own brand, team Pentastar took the sledgehammer approach. Chrysler worked with new marketing partner Reynolds to create a one minute commercial, called "Manifesto." The spot, introduced last Wednesday during Chrysler's marathon 5-year-plan briefing in Auburn Hills, features a series of still photos and a determined-sounding voice-over that you will doubtless be sick of by this time next week. We can make that prediction because by today, you've probably seen the spot several times already. In fact, according to AdAge, Chrysler ran the TV spot 190 times last Wednesday during primetime alone. Some of those ad buys were clearly expensive, too; for example, we saw it at least twice as we watched the Yankees oust Philly in Game 6 of the World Series.

After intoning, "My name is Ram, and my tank is full," the commercial keeps going (and going, and going) with stuff like "I am fueled by optimism, driven by passion and stopped by nothing," and "I am built to reward the doers who climb behind my wheel every day by working even harder than they do." If you were somehow missed it between Wednesday and now, you can hit the jump to watch the new ad. It's long, over-the-top, and after several viewings, it already feels tiresome. We dig the Ram. As for the new TV spot? We've had our fill.

[Source: Ad Age]


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