Galpin Auto Sports '69 Mustang build - Click above for high-res image gallery

While those of us in the media walked around the show floor at SEMA looking for the cool, the crazy, and the just plain awesome, there were people doing actual work. Real work. No, we're not talking about the security people that wouldn't let us in the show before 9:00am no matter how we tried to convince them, nor the food vendors charging $40 for a lousy pizza. We're talking about the guys at Galpin Auto Sports who spent each day of the show building a custom 1969 Ford Mustang from scratch.

The Mustang started off at the start of the show in literally thousands of pieces, and every time we walked by, we could see that the car was just a little bit closer to completion. The 427ci V8 was already in the Mustang the last time we saw it, and while we left before we could see the car completed, everyone at GAS seemed pretty confident that it would be finished by the time the show ended this afternoon. From the looks of all of the individual pieces, the end product should be pretty cool looking. Check out our high-res gallery below to see just how many parts it takes to build a '69 Mustang.

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