BMW seeks to patent technological creative thinking?!

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Yes, you read the headline correctly. BMW has filed a patent for a "Method for Systematically Identifying Technology-Based Solutions." Broken down into non-lawyer speak, BMW thinks it has identified the ways in which technology can solve problems. In other words, they want to patent the methodology behind technological problem solving. Which is a bit like patenting the scientific method. Put another way, this is so loaded with high-on-their-own-supply corporate hubris we have a hard time swallowing, let alone believing.

Does the patent actually, you know, do anything? Hard to say, as we're not patent attorneys (or even patent clerks) and the language is a little dense. But, we can point out that this particular patent was filed by BMW in August of 2008, while the 5 Series GT officially debuted at Frankfurt in September of 2009. Also, when did our X6 M review go live?

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[Source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office via SWDELaw]

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