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With debuts for new vehicles scheduled months in advance, automakers like to keep us on our proverbial toes with sneak previews. Sometimes they give them to us, and we in turn pass them on to you. Sometimes they give previews to its top customers, who are sworn to secrecy. But whoever they want to show the car to in advance, those people need to, you know...actually see the car.

Volvo, on the other hand, has decided to do things a little differently. The Swedish automaker invited an artist by the name of Eşref Armağan to see the upcoming new S60 sedan, scheduled for its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March. The catch? Armağan is blind, and has been since birth.

In order to captivate our imaginations, Volvo's released a series of blurry videos chronicling Armağan's encounter with the S60, the first of which you can view after the jump with more available on Volvo's Facebook page. As far as social media campaigns go, they're worth a watch. And if you squint, you can almost make out what the sedan might look like.

[Source: Volvo via YouTube and Facebook]

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