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There are things that Suzuki does well, and things it doesn't do so well. Among the former are its motorcycles and small cars like the Swift. Among the latter, well, just take a look at their success in the North American market. Unfortunately, the company doesn't offer the Swift – an almost universally praised little hatchback – in North America, a decision which Suzuki admits in hindsight was a mistake. But the company has been hard at work on a successor to the hot-selling hatch, and rumors have been circulating that this version could, in the end, make it Stateside.

The latest news comes from the mouth of Suzuki's chief engineer Takashi Nakayama via Car and Driver, who says the next-gen Swift is being developed with United States crash and emissions regulations in mind. Although that doesn't mean it will necessarily make it here, it does give Suzuki the option. In the meantime, the company is toiling away, preparing the ground for the arrival of its new Kizashi sedan while getting by on a lineup consisting of the underrated SX4, ho-hum Grand Vitara, what's left of XL7 stock and the rebadged Nissan Frontier known as the Suzuki Equator.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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