Electric vehicle pessimist – or realist, depending on your POV – Guido Reinking is back with another critical look at EVs. Earlier this year, Reinking wrote that it'll take 15 more years for electric cars to become widespread; this time his target is explaining how EVs hurt the auto industry as a whole. Here's how he comes to that conclusion:
  1. Developing all the parts that EVs need costs money.
  2. That money "will not be available for the additional development that the internal combustion engine requires."
  3. Since ICEs will be "the definitive technology for individual transportation for decades to come," EVs are sucking money away from where the OEMs need to be putting it – making better liquid fuel vehicles.

Reinking also says that, "we are playing with fire if we bet solely on the electric car. It will remain insignificant in reducing carbon dioxide emissions for the foreseeable future because of low production volumes." Right, and the way to avoid the low production/sales volumes is to not spend money on it?

[Source: Automotive News (subs req'd)]
Photo by RachelH_. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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