Nissan Fuga - Click above to watch the video after the break

You will soon be watching video of the Nissan Fuga running around a glorious rode somewhere empty and scenic. What's a Fuga? Well, here in the United States we'd call the Fuga the 2011 Infiniti M with tiny wheels. Regardless, the video gives you a 98% complete glimpse of what the new 5-Series fighter from Infiniti will look like in motion. And we think you'll agree, it looks good. Even with that Nissan badge and no sound whatsoever.

In fact, we could see Nissan bringing the Fuga over our way with a Maxima badge slapped on the trunk. Not only won't "Fuga" translate well in America, but ever since the Altima got all grown up (i.e. VQ'd), the once mighty Maxima has become sort of a directionless afterthought. But with both the mountain-leaping GT-R and iconic Z giving the Nissan brand oodles of performance credibility, wouldn't a rear-wheel drive flag(ish)ship sedan make some sense? Anyhow, that ain't happening – ever – so enjoy a preview of the all-new Infiniti M after the jump.

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