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The Suzuki Alto concept is The Kei You Would Never Suspect: unassuming looks belie the fact that this is car Suzuki is going to use to reach a wider audience. The exterior – which, frankly, looks like a ton of other itty bitty already plying on Japan's streets -- has been subtly tweaked to subtly lure in male and female buyers in a wider age group than the current car attracts.

According to the company, the Alto concept "points to the future of the minivehicle by combining newly honed performance with minivehicle economy and user-friendliness," with "styling that appeals to people regardless of age and gender."

Although officially labeled as a concept, the three-cylinder Alto is expected on the roads next year and an all-wheel-drive version is also on the way. Decide on the Alto for yourself with the help of the high-res gallery below and the press release after the break.

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All-New Alto Concept: A Minivehicle that Appeals to All Generations

The all-new Alto Concept points to the future of the minivehicle by combining newly honed performance with minivehicle economy and user-friendliness. Styling that appeals to people regardless of age and gender makes the Alto Concept an outstanding proposition for motorists who want minivehicle economy and convenience. A big, simple, highly legible speedometer, an easy-to-use floor-mounted shifter, and user-friendly switches and storage spaces realize convenience for people of all ages.

Major Features

* The body is proportioned for a look of urban nimbleness and to hint at roominess within. Its front mask has an appealing look that expresses cuteness and smartness.
* A simple, modern, user-friendly interior environment offers excellent usability and visibility for day-to-day convenience.
* A long wheelbase realizes ample roominess. The packaging also reflects a focus on comfort, safety, drivability, and convenience.
* Low weight reflects Suzuki's pursuit of the superior fuel efficiency, clean running, and other aspects of environmental performance that will be demanded in the years ahead.


* Overall length: 3,395mm
* Overall width: 1,475mm
* Overall height: 1,535mm
* Wheelbase: 2,400mm
* Seating capacity: Four persons
* Engine: 658cm3water-cooled, four-cycle, inline-three-cylinder, DOHC, 12-valve
* Transmission: CVT
* Drive system: Front engine, front-wheel drive (two- or four-wheel drive)

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