Many people are into model cars. And... origami. Tangrams, too – which are sort of a two-dimensional, reusable form of origami. What are we on about here, why are we discussing folding paper and models? Funny you should ask. See, the all new Lexus LFA went ahead and got revealed the other day and initial reaction (at least around the Autoblog virtual office) has been pretty negative – negative towards a certain dude name Damon Lavrinc who gets to jet off to Miami and drive the latest Japanese ubercar and it's 560-hp, 4.8-liter V10 that has to propel just 3,263 pounds. Jerk.

But fear not, because even if we don't get to drive the mightiest ever Lexus (and Lord knows at $375,000 we'll never be able to afford one), we can still have one, in a sense. As it turns out, an incredibly loose sense. But yes, if you click this here link, you will find a website that lets you print out a LFA pattern, and with a coupe quick folds you too can have your very own (paper) Lexus LFA. The question then becomes, how good is your printer? OK, we've got to go now, our planet needs us. Thanks to Will for the tip!

[Source: Lexus LFA Wiki]

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