We'll be the first people to admit that we find ourselves in a pretty cool line of work, but if we were offered the chance to swap jobs with any one person in the world, it very well might be with Jeremy Clarkson. Not surprisingly, it turns out we're not alone.

According to a survey of over 1,600 adults in the U.K. conducted by Shell and British automotive magazine Auto Express, one in three respondents wish they had Clarkson's job. Who wouldn't want to get paid (rather handsomely, at that) for driving fast cars and blowing things up?

Following Jezza on the list were Nigella Lawson (the British food critic, author and television presenter) and TV-wildman Bear Grylls. Other notable names on the I-wish-I-were-you list include Simon Cowell, the Queen, Richard Branson, Cheryl Cole, President Obama, David Beckham, JK Rowling, Hugh Hefner, the Pope, and, um, Father Christmas.

[Source: Telegraph]

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