Ah, yes. Automotive stereotypes... always good for a laugh or two, right? For instance, just who do you expect to see exiting a late-Seventies Chevy Camaro Z/28? Mullet city, of course. And what of the blacked-out Cadillac Escalade rolling on two-sizes-too-large wheels and tires? Professional athlete or someone who wishes they were. Finally, who's that behind the wheel of the second-gen Toyota Prius with the anti-Hummer bumper sticker? Treehugger, natch.

So, these are all pretty obvious examples of automotive stereotypes, and naturally they don't always apply (we'd totally rock the right Z/28, FWIW). What about the less conspicuous vehicular choices? San Diego-based market research outfit Strategic Vision has just released its New Vehicle Experience Study... and to be honest, the results aren't terribly surprising.

Lexus owners are wealthy and well educated. Two-thirds of Buick owners are over the age of 55, though the 2010 LaCrosse is lowering that average... a bit. But there are also a few shockers, like the fact that 13% of Chevrolet owners have never used the internet. Seriously, never used the internet. Also, the average Toyota owner is 55 years old, which is why the Scion brand (average age: 37) was invented. Click here for the full breakdown.

[Source: Forbes]

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