Apparently, there have been some two million vehicle registration stickers and another 2.5 million inspection stickers issued this year in New York. No great shakes there – except for the fact that the stickers aren't living up to their names, as they are refusing to securely affix themselves to car windshields. This, as you might imagine, is a bit of a problem since citations for a missing or improperly stuck sticker can cost up to $100.

According to The New York Times, two separate vendors are responsible for the not-so-sticky stickers, and the affected units are being replaced free of charge. It seems, though, that most drivers are taking matters into their own hands by simply using adhesive tape to get the stickers to stay in place in lieu of filing the paperwork for a new one.

Police in New York are reportedly being instructed to be lenient on offenders as long as sufficient evidence is found that the vehicle's owner was affected by the bad batch of stickers. Happen to be one of the owners in question? Click here for instructions on how to get a new inspection sticker and hit the jump for a press release from the New York DMV explaining the issue.

[Source: The New York Times | Image: woody1778a via C.C. 2.0]



Decals Not Remaining Adhered to Vehicle Windshields

Commissioner David J. Swarts of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) today addressed the issue of 2010 inspection stickers and registration stickers that are not adhering to vehicle windshields. The Department became aware of the issue after receiving several complaints from consumers, DMV field offices and inspection stations. It should be noted that only a fraction of stickers have the potential to fail and not all are susceptible to not adhering. DMV is suggesting that customers reaffix any defective sticker to the vehicle with transparent tape or other adhesive.

"We recognize the issue of inspection and registration stickers failing to adhere to vehicles is an inconvenience to our customers," said Commissioner Swarts. "We have notified law enforcement agencies that may come across loose or taped stickers to use their discretion whenever possible. We have also made the process of obtaining a new sticker, should one be required, as easy as possible for our customers."

In the event an inspection sticker is no longer available, customers may obtain a replacement at no cost. For complete information on how to obtain a new inspection sticker motorists can visit the DMV web site at The $2.00 fee normally charged by the DMV will be waived for customers who report that their safety sticker has fallen off.

If a registration sticker is not usable or the original registration sticker is lost, motorists can visit a DMV office, apply by mail, or contact a call center to receive a new document. The $3.00 fee normally charged by the DMV will be waived for customers who report that the registration sticker has fallen off or become defective.

The DMV has been working with the vendors of both products to identify the deficiencies and receive an appropriate restitution. The Department will continue to identify and remove defective stickers from inventory to prevent them from getting into circulation.

More information can be found on the DMV web site at Customers who need to contact DMV with additional questions should go to the Contact or Visit the DMV page at the DMV web site

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