VIDEO: Fun Theory Part 2 - VW makes throwing stuff away fun

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Last week we showed you how Volkswagen and ad agency DBB teamed up to get more people walking up the stairs by making them into a Goliath-sized piano. VW calls this project the Fun Theory, and its aim is to show that people will be happier to do life's chores if they aren't so dull. The German automaker found that 66% more people took the stairs when they could tickle the ivories with their toes, and now it knows that the same sort of success can be achieved with trash.

In the next Fun Theory project, a standard outdoor garbage can was retrofitted with motion sensors linked to a pair of hidden speakers to give the illusion of a very, very deep trash receptacle. On a typical day, the garbage can eats up 41 kg (90.2 lbs) worth of garbage. Add a sound effect that makes your trash sound like it's going into a 2,000 foot deep well and a graphic that says Worldens Djupaste Soptunna; Swedish for "World's biggest dustbin," and the trash load climbs to 72 kg (158.4 lbs).

Hit the jump to watch the video. It appears the the sound of trash falling into a deep well is even amazing to those who use sign language as a means of communication.

[Source: YouTube]

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