Renault Fluence Zero Emissions Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Renault has launched a new site dedicated to promoting its upcoming model range of battery-powered cars. The site is actually about more than just the Fluence, Kangoo, Zoe and Twizy. It also offers explanations of how Renault hopes to make these cars mainstream and affordable. It appears from the information provided that Renault plans to offer all of its EVs sans battery. The energy storage system will all be leased separately with payments going to a chosen energy supplier. There will be three options for replenishing the charge.

Europeans can use their standard 220V / 10-16A outlet to charge in 6-8 hours. A standardized fast charge connector is currently being developed among multiple automakers and utilities which will facilitate 20-30 minute charges with a 400 V / 36 A, three phase source. Finally, Renault appears set to implement battery swap capabilities across its full lineup for 3-minute battery changes. Along with the main site there is a also a video blog that so far contains a series of videos shot at the Frankfurt motor show debut of the ZEV lineup. You can check out one the videos after the jump. Thanks to Shadowcast for the tip!


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